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**Meet Di Haass, Your Trusted Realtor for Nearly Five Decades!**


With an impressive career spanning an incredible 48 years, Di Haass is more than just a realtor; she's a living testament to dedication, experience, and unwavering commitment to her clients. Known for her warm and upbeat personality, Di has been a guiding force in the real estate world, helping countless individuals and families find their dream homes.


Di's passion for real estate is matched only by her diverse range of hobbies and interests. When she's not busy helping clients achieve their real estate goals, you'll find her indulging in activities that showcase her well-rounded personality. She has a green thumb that's the envy of many, taking great delight in tending to her beautiful yard and garden. Her knack for turning any space into a charming oasis is not only seen in her real estate work but also in her own backyard.


Crafts are another one of Di's creative outlets. Her talent for turning everyday materials into works of art is truly remarkable. From homemade decorations to personalized gifts, Di's crafts add a touch of magic to every occasion.


But there's more to her than just the delicate touch of creativity. Di Haass is also an enthusiast of music, often seen tapping her feet to a lively tune or even picking up an instrument to entertain her friends and family with her musical prowess.


When the great outdoors beckons, Di enjoys the thrill of hunting and fishing. These hobbies have not only instilled patience and perseverance in her character but also provide a unique perspective that she brings into her real estate dealings, ensuring her clients find properties that resonate with their individual passions and lifestyle.


Di's heart is most full during the holiday season when she gathers with her three children and eight precious grandchildren. It's during these special moments that her warm and welcoming personality shines the brightest. The joy she derives from being with her family is contagious, making the holiday season even more memorable for all those lucky enough to share it with her.


When you work with Di Haass, you're not just getting a realtor with decades of experience; you're getting a partner who brings warmth, creativity, and a love for life to every transaction. With Di by your side, you can trust that your real estate journey will be as enjoyable as it is successful.

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